One of Seven

Which is more impactful, 1 or 6? Before you answer that question, there is a catch. There is always a catch. You see, the one and the six are so much more than numbers... They are children. We have one... We lost six... Which is more impactful? Roughly two months ago, on August 21st, we…Read more One of Seven


“#MeToo” This is scary.

In 2010 as a first year teacher I made the decision to wipe my Facebook profile from the web. I didn't just deactivate it, I contacted Facebook to make sure it was gone. At the time I realized the platform just was taking too much of my attention. There was also a high probability that…Read more “#MeToo” This is scary.


couchless /kouCHləs/ adjective      1. Not having; lacking a couch: this room is couchless.  In case you were wondering, I'm pretty sure 'couchless' is only a word on Pinterest. Imagine for a second...You walk into a home and see that the main area of entertainment, the living room, is lacking adequate seating...a couch. What exactly…Read more Couchless

The Parental Problem 

Disclaimer: What you are about to read is not a catch-all and in no way, shape, or form reflects the loving, caring, supportive nature of the vast majority of parents. Prep sports are not the innocent, free spirited activity they once were. As I sit here today the change has been so rapid and drastic…Read more The Parental Problem 

Indiana’s Testing Disaster

In most debates there is an elephant in the room so large it becomes impossible to ignore. After time, the subject is revealed to the public and finally discussed in an open fashion. Politically speaking, I often wonder why the one without the elephant on their back does not keep feeding the animal until it…Read more Indiana’s Testing Disaster

Does the (Insert High-Level Government Position) Really Matter?

I recently had an extensive conversation about politics with my Father-in-law. His perspective is interesting, to say the least, as he is an immigrant who spent his youth and adolescence in a Soviet led Ukraine. Rather than delve into the entirety of his radically different worldview, I want to focus on a powerful statement he…Read more Does the (Insert High-Level Government Position) Really Matter?

No Tears for Comcast

Recently the company most have come to dread was hit with the largest FCC fine ever shelled out to a cable provider ( Comcast, the cable, internet, and telephone monopoly in the Midwest and certainly other areas of the country finally has to answer for being the two-time national champion 'worst company in America' (2010…Read more No Tears for Comcast